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Jan 23, 2010 at 08:08 AM

My Birthday

My birthday falls on the seventh of September. It was Saturday last year. My parents decided to throw me a party because I got good results in the examination and managed to get top 3 in class! So, I sent the invitation cards to all of my friends, relatives and neighbours.

That day, my mother prepared a lot of food, such as fried noodles, curry, hot dog and other kinds of delicious food. My mother also bought some ice cream, jelly and fruit as desserts. My brother and I decorated the living-room with colorful balloons and ribbons while my father bought some sweets, chocolate and junk food.

My birthday party started at six o’ clock. My friends, relatives and neighbours arrived punctually. They gave me lovely presents that wrapped beautifully and wished me “happy birthday”. I thanked them politely and invited them came into my house.

After everybody had arrived, my father took the cake from the refrigerator and put on the table. It was a chocolate mousse cake and had written “Jasmine, 11th Happy Birthday!” We sang the birthday song in many languages such as English, Chinese and Malay. After that, I made a wish and blew off the candles. Everybody clapped their hands loudly. I cut the cake for everybody. Then, we ate the food that my mother prepared herself. It was really delicious and good taste.

When we were full, we played some games such as ‘hide and seek’, ‘musical chairs’, ‘follow the leaders’ and other funny games. Father then gave prizes to those who won in the games.

At about ten o’clock at night, the guests went home. I unwrapped the presents and it was late in night. So, I went to bed happily.  


Hia Sin Che

Primary 6, Malaysia