The Person I Admire Most by Choo Eunice PDF Print E-mail
Apr 19, 2011 at 01:52 AM

I listen to his songs every now and then. His voice I hear in my mind when I close my eyes. His songs are of top list in my mp3 player and they were replayed-always for I never get bored of them. I played the chords he played and the guitar tabs of his songs are at my fingertips. He is the person I admire most, Jason Mraz. The person I would search for in YouTube. The person who inspired me in music. Yes, that would be him.


Jason Mraz is not just a singer but also a brilliant composer! He writes his own songs and often solely performed them he himself singing and playing his very own acoustic guitar only. I admire his creativity and passion in music. Jason writes sing which touched many souls. His songs bring meanings to people besides the fact that they are all indeed catchy and fun to sing-along. Many of my friends enjoyed singing his songs as much as I do. We would all go crazy whenever his songs are being played on air. I remember there was once when my friend, Cindy and I went shopping in a mall and for a moment we heard the familiar voice, the familiar song, our favourite song, ‘Lucky’. We both were so hyped up and soon forgetting where and who we are, we sang that song till the very end of it.


I think Jason is genuine and talented singer looking at the fact that his is able to sing and perform his songs, anytime and anywhere. All and only the only thing that he does need is his acoustic guitar and that is it.


How awesome more can anyone is to be able to perform solely without any backup singers or band? Most importantly. Jason’s songs carry words and meanings. It is not only for entertainment but rather educational and besides inspirational. This is partly the reason why I enjoyed listening to his songs.


If I were granted a wish, it would be seeing and meeting Jason Mraz in person, one day. On that day, I would have his autograph signed on his entire album that I have bought. On that day, I would have his picture taken with me. On that day, I would have him to duet with me ‘Lucky’ and on that day, I would tell him, ‘you are the person I admired most’.


Choo Eunice

Jan 2011