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Dec 28, 2008 at 11:02 AM
Master Ang : New Study Method - Blindfold Reading
新的学习方法 - 蒙眼阅读

       Mr. Khor, the Dean, parents and students, a very good afternoon to all of you. First we will like to thank all of you for giving us this golden opportunity for sharing with you a studying method that is currently very well talked about, that is “Blindfold Reading”.

What is “Blindfold Reading”

       Oh! That is the students can sense and recognize whatever things placed in front of their eyes  even though their eyes are blindfolded. Sure!? Yes, they really can! “Boleh! Semua kanak-kanak boleh!”  Is it another fraud case? No, definitely not! I had been a secondary school chemistry teacher and not a bad one too. My classes achieved more than 30% distinction in SPM. I am not trying to blow my own trumpet but to convince you that I am not a vulnerable person that will believe easily what people say. When I first heard of this “Blindfold Reading” my instant reaction was, “Impossible, fraud!”. Then I started to hunt for materials and evidences to try and show that it was all a fraud. It was not until I had the opportunity to see with my very own eyes and personal involvements with the running of the courses by our qigong group that I was totally convinced that kids do have the capability. Suddenly I became a staunch supporter of the skill. I vowed to assist in the development and spreading of this skill that is beneficial to our kids.

How come they could recognize even though blindfolded

       The skill is not an extraordinary feat, but one that all of us possess all the while except we are not aware of. Has any parent ever play “Guessing With Closed Eyes” game with their kids? I am sure none has ever done it. So how would you know if your kid has this skill? Now we know they all have this potential. It is only right that we try to bring the skill out to the surface. This is easy with the younger kids (best from 5 to 12 years old) and gets harder with age. Does this mean that people out of the age range cannot learn? No, they can still learn but the must be prepared to accept less satisfactory result. This is not difficult to understand. Imagine you keep a diamond in a drawer and then every day you keep throwing more and more things into the drawer. The longer it is the harder you are going to be able to find the diamond.

I am still doubtful, but should I let my kid to go and learn

       Just ask them, it is their privilege. We as parents should perform our duty of providing them best education for their future. We should not sacrifice their chance of picking up an useful skill just because we don’t believe it.

Will it give the kids any pressure

       No. The process is very relaxing, full of fun, just like playing games. As long as the parents don’t have too high demand on the kids performance, the kids will not feel any pressure. After all, according to a world survey, less than 15% of the people can achieve 30% or less prediction. So if the kids don’t score 100% they could still be above world average.

Will it cause any damage to the kid’s brain

       No. On the contrary, it will stimulate the development of his brain, improving mental capability. The kids would become more and more intelligent.

What method is used to bring out the hidden skill

       After much research, thinking and experimentation, we had come out with an efficient program. We had used it in our classes conducted and very good result was achieved. More than 50% of the kids score 100% or close to 100% accuracy. This percentage is higher than the market average.

After learning the “Blindfold Reading, so what

(1) It will improve the attentive, contemplating and focusing power of the kids. Don’t you realize that whenever we need to focus our mind to contemplate a problem, we will unconsciously close our eyes.
(2) It will improve their self-confidence. Once they have self-confidence, they can face their problems and their environment with more ease.
(3) Increase their popularity. Kids around them will want to be close to them. The relationship between children and parents will enhance.

        The course on “Blindfold Reading” is not an end by itself. It is just the starting point. Later we will follow up with courses and speed reading and fast memory.



       啊,那就是蒙着眼睛也能认出眼前展示的东西。可以吗?能,真的能!Boleh, semua kanak-kanak boleh!不是一宗又一宗的骗局吧!?














1. 能够增加孩子们的思考力和注意力