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Dec 28, 2008 at 12:48 PM

Seize the day- Fortune Favours the Kind


Long time ago, there live a poor fisherman named Muthusamy. He and his family lived in a small hut near the sea. He had five children, who had already reached the schooling age. However, Muthusamy did not have enough money for them to go to school. He felt miserable and blamed himself for not making enough money.


            One night, as he came back from the sea, he discovered a brown box floating on the sea. Because of his curiosity, he opened the box and see what was inside of it. He was stunned beyond compare and when he saw thousands stacks of U.S. dollar in the box. He could hardly believe his own eyes.


           Witnessing such a lot of money, he was panicked and was in a quandary. He had two ways to choose. He could either take it home or become a millionaire and his family members would not have to starve and could go to school to study. The second way was to send it back to the police. He was hard put to make his decision.


            Then he recollected he had a good friend who was a village teacher, Mr. Dewi. He was an honest man and a wide-reader. Mr. Dewi and Muthusamy always chit-chatted and playing chess together. Whenever Muthusamy encountered any difficulties, he would approach Mr. Dewi.


             Being difficult to make decision, Muthusamy quickly approached Mr. Dewi’s house and told him what had happened. Mr. Dewi listened with great enthusiasm. In a flash, he reminisced that there was a report of the World Bank had being robbed about 200 million U.S. dollar a few years ago and whoever found the money would be rewarded 20% of the money. It was a staggering sum.


             Without a second thought, Muthusamy quickly called the World Bank and told them that the money that stolen had been founded. Muthusamy kept the money properly in a secured place so that no one would find the money. The second day, the World Bank’s boss came with an expensive car and accompanied by his four body guards. They checked thoroughly to find whether there was any loss of the money. When they finished counting and confirm that the amount was correct, the boss thanked Muthusamy gratefully and promised hint that he would be handed the reward to him personally.


               After receiving the money for about two weeks, Muthusamy bought a bigger house in the village and let his children to go to school. He also opened a grocery shop in the village. He saved part of his money and donated some of them to the poor. He did not forget about his good friend, Mr. Dewi. He presented him a hefty sum.


              “Opportunity knocks at the door once”.   


Name: Jasmine Tee Jia Min                           

Age: 11