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Jan 13, 2009 at 03:23 AM

My Birthday Party

            It was my eleventh year old birthday a few days ago. My parents held a really memorable birthday party for me. It was my very first time to have my own birthday party and of course, I was as happy as a lark when I first heard this surprising news. My parents allow me to invite my friends, my teachers and the venue was nowhere else but my home. I started giving out invitation cards to all my friends in the class and some of my teachers, hoping sincerely that they would come and celebrate my birthday.

            It was a costume birthday party. I dressed up as Cinderella. My friends’ costumes were even more engaging. They dressed up as angel, pirate, and even couples’ like form of king and queen. It was a really special moment that we were surprised at each other as it was the first time looking at each other out of school uniform. On the other hands, my parents were the busiest serving us, taking photograph, serving drinks, washing all the used plates, and so on. My friends kept saying that my parents were the best parents they had ever seen. Although I think that they were trying to make a mountain out of a molehill, I was really proud of my parents and was touched.

            We played lots of games after eating birthday cake. The most thrilling game was “Tag” which we were divided into two groups according to gender. Boys would be the ghosts and girls would be the angels but there was objection that why boys must be ghosts and why girls would be angels? It was funny and it seemed childish, however to ensure fairness, we suggested to have a draw to decide the roles. Games went on and the whole house was filled with laughter.

            Later in the evening, I suggested to have a mini size karaoke on second floor of my house. They were so excited as if they were going for the real one. We sang many songs of different languages, mandarin song, Hokkien, English and so on.

            After about two hours, my dad bought us MacDonald. We were already tired that after eating our dinner, my friends went home and I helped my parents cleaning up the mess. 

            That was indeed a joyful day for me and I wanted to thank my friends for giving me such a memorable day and of course, I would like to thank my parents the most for giving me the opportunity to have an unforgettable 11 year old birthday.

Jamie Gan Siew En

11 years old, Malaysia