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Jan 13, 2009 at 09:59 PM

Yow Ke Jia: A Visit To Beijing




During my last school holiday, my family and I went to China Beijing, China. I was excited while waiting to board the airplane because It was my first time travel by airplane.

At 6p.m., we arrived at Beijing International Airport. After we cleared few entrance checkpoints, a tour guide brought my family and I to hotel for rest because we have to wake up at 530am the next day.

The second day, we had our breakfast at the hotel. After that, we went to many famous places such as The Great Wall, Olympic Training Centre, Palace and etc. The places were very beautiful. We also managed to see the working place and bedroom used by the emperors of Qing dynasty. After that, we went to see the famous panda. We were very happy because we saw many pandas. I like pandas because they were so cute.

At 1p.m., tour guide took us to a restaurant to take Beijing Roast Duck. The Beijing Roast Duck was delicious. In the evening, we saw the ‘bird nest’-the National Stadium for the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympics Game from outside. However, we could not go in because it was under construction.

The next day, it started snowing at the outside of the hotel. My sister, brother and I were very happy because we had never seen snow before. We rushed out of the hotel to take pictures after having our breakfast. My brother and I picked up the snow and threw at each other. We also made a tortoise with snow because the snow was not thick enough to make snowman.

After that, we went to Tian Jing and Chen De of China. At Tian Jing, we basically went to shop around and saw many musical instruments. We also bought many books and a rock used to hold the brush pen. At Chen De, we went to the night fair. There were many stalls which sell all kinds of food. We were surprised to see that there were cricket, grasshopper and worm being sold as well. I did not dare to try because they looked disgusting.

After spending one week in China, we returned back to Malaysia. We were very happy because it was our first time to experience snow and saw many pandas. I am looking forward to visit China again for the coming holiday. 

Yow Ke Jia,

11 Jan 2009