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Jan 15, 2009 at 06:09 AM

Jasmine Tee Jia Min: A Birthday Party

Last Sunday, the first of January, I celebrated my eleventh birthday. My parents decided to hold a special birthday party for me. That day I invited all my friends and relatives to the party. Early in the morning, my mother had already prepared lots of mouth watering food for the party while father and brother busy adorned the house.

            When the party was about to start, I put on my birthday costume which my mother specially sewed for me. When I went to the living room, all the guest had arrived.  All of them arrived with presents for me. Everyone wore fantastic costume. My friend, Jenny, dressed up like a witch. She even brought a broom. One of them dressed up like an elf. She had a pointed nose and a pair of pointed ears. She also wore a pair of pointed shoes. We have fun guessing who was behind the masks.

            We played many different kinds of games. The most interesting game was “Tag”. We were divided in two groups. Some of my friends who were caught by ghosts were frightened and trembled with fear. There are also prizes that are given out for the winners.

            When the games ended, we savoured the delicious dishes which were prepared by my mother. After that, it was time for me to cut the birthday cake. I was surprised to see the five kilograms cake which in front of my eyes. There was a “Winnie the Pooh” face smiling on the three layer cake. Everybody sang the birthday song for me. Then, I cut the cake and served to the guests. Music was played throughout the party and the atmosphere was full of fun and laughter.

            At about ten, the party was over.  I unwrapped all my birthday gifts. I was joyful to see such lovely gifts. I was grateful to my parents for holding such a memorable birthday party for me.

Name: Jasmine Tee Jia Min

Malaysia. Age: 11