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Jan 19, 2009 at 01:50 AM

Joan Teo: A Visit To Pulau Langkawi

42, Jalan Timah 7,

Taman Sri Putri,

81300 Skudai,

Johor, Malaysia

17th January 2009     


Dear Alice,

            It was such a long time we did not write to each other. How are you? Hope you are in the pink of health.

            During the last holiday, my family and I went to Pulau Langkawi. We waited for a ferry to across the sea.

            After half an hour, we reached Pulau Langkawi. We stayed at a hotel named Countryside. The hotel was big and beautiful. It was located in front of a beautiful garden. We went for a walk in the garden.

            After having lunch, we partially spent the whole day swimming, snorkeling and wind-surfing in the sea. The scenery was simply breathtaking. Snorkeling among the beautiful coral reefs with thousand of fish is quite an experience. I felt as if I was inside an aquarium. I could have reached out and touched the fish which seemed quite to curious human beings gaping at them. This is my first time snorkeling in the sea. So, I felt very happy. I enjoyed myself very much.

            We also went to the beach. The beach has a fine white sand and crystal clear water. We had a picnic there.

            The next day, we went to a supermarket. The supermarket was very big. There were a lot of things to buy. The chocolates there were sold at a lower price. My mother bought a lot of things such as chocolates, biscuits, clothes, utensils and other.

            Then, we were treated to a sumptuous dinner. We ate seafood such as crab, prawns, fish and other. Later, we went to the underwater world. There were different types of fish. We had an opportunity to catch the star-fish. I obtained other knowledge about fishes there.

            On the third day, we went to the symbolic place of  Pulau Langkawi. There was a big handicraft work of the logo of Pulau Langkawi, an eagle. We took a lot of photos there.

At Last, we left Pulau Langkawi, I really enjoyed myself. I have an opportunity to board on a ferry and the delicious seafood too. Besides, I learned more about the fishes in the underwater world. It was indeed a memorable trip. If you are free, you can visit there too.

            Regards to all.

Yours sincerely,



Joan Teo

Malaysia. Age: 11

17th Jan 2009