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Jan 26, 2009 at 04:53 AM
Develope The Kid's Right and Left Brain-
Yale University's Method

During the dumpling festival on December 2008, Mr. Hau and family invited Mr. Ong, the pitiful lonely man whose family was overseas, to their home to share a dumpling feast. After the feast, Mr. Ong decided to repay the hosts for their kindness. He wanted to share with them an interesting and useful program and knowledge that he had just acquired recently. He asked for the permission to use their family computer. He then logged onto an Youtube program and after the program download was completed, he called to Mr. and Mrs. Hau and their young teenage son and daughter to gather around the computer. He clicked the “Replay” button and the screen showed the silhouette of a voluptuous dancer spinning round and round,



Mrs Hau exclaimed, “ Heywhat’s that! You men just like to watch all this!”

Mr. Ong quickly said, “Don’t get me wrong! Now, just look closely at the dancer. Is she spinning from left to right, that is clockwise or from right to left, counter-clockwise?”

Mr. Hau was quick to answer, “Counter-clockwise.”

Mrs. Hau followed, “No! No! She is spinning clockwise, left to right!”

Their son said, “Dad’s right. Counter-clockwise. right to left!”

Their demure daughter murmured, “No, Mum is right. She is spinning from left to right, clockwise.”

Mrs. Hau then said to her husband, a little angrily, “Why can’t you ever see eye to eye with me!? Why do you always have to oppose my view!?”

Her husband argued back, “No! I really see her spinning counter-clockwise. I am just telling the truth of what I see!”


Mr. Ong quickly put a stop to the argument brewing, “Peace! Peace! All of you are right! No one is wrong or lying! Let me explain.”

Mr. Ong continued, “Our brain consists of two different parts, the right brain and the left brain. When one is working more actively than the other, the perception of what you see will differ. When your left brain is working more actively at the time, you will perceiveq21vnm,  the dancer is spinning counter-clockwise or from right to left. Similarly when your right brain is more active, you will perceive that the dancer is spinning clockwise or left to right!”

Mr. Ong asked further, Have you all wondered why the men usually see her spinning counter-clockwise while the women see her spinning clockwise, the opposite way?”

The whole Hau family roared, “Ya, never realize that! But why?”

Mr. Ong explained further, “Let me tell you some of the major different functions of each side of the brain and you will be able to understand why. The right brain controls functions like feelings (or so called intuition or 6th sense), imagination, fantasy, risk taking, believes, impetus, philosophy and religion, “big pictures”, present and future etc. while the left brain controls logic, facts, reality, knowing, safety, practical, maths and science, details, present and past etc. Very roughly, left brain is IQ and right brain, EQ. Now you know why? Well, it is widely accepted that women have better 6th sense, and men are more logical. Women tend to look things in the perspective of “big picture” while men look for details. Women are more art biased while men are more science biased.. Now you understand why men use more of their left brain and women their right brain?”

Mr, Ong then teased Mrs. Hau, “Mrs. Hau, now you know why your husband seldom sees things eye to eye with you? Ha! Ha! Just joking lah! Please don’t give me such a fierce look!”

Suddenly Mrs. Hau screamed, “Oh! Oh! Oh! The dancer is spinning in the opposite direction now, right to left! Oh no! She is back to her old direction, left to right again! Why? Why? Why? Ong?”

Mr, Ong answered, “Interesting eh!? Well, actually we use both sides of our brain all the time, switching from one to another depending on what function you want to perform at the time. For example when you go marketing, your right brain may be more active initially as you survey the stalls for what are available, getting the whole picture. Once you make up your mind what vegetable to buy, you will be performing the detail task of choosing the best and freshest bundle, then your left brain will take over.”

Mrs. Hau said, “You really can explain things eh!”

Mr. Ong then asked Mrs Hau, “Are you now seeing the dancer spinning counter-clockwise from left to right?”

Mrs Hau excitedly replied, “YaYaIs it because I am now logically analyzing your explanation on the marketing process? Can you see or know what I am perceiving of the dancing girl?”

Mr Ong answered, “No! I can’t. What you perceive only you know as it is the result of the working of your brain. No one can see or know what you actually see. Maybe when I get to learn to read other people’s mind in future, then I can sense what you perceive. Ha! Ha!”

Turning to Mr. Hau, he asked, “ Mr. Hau, are you now seeing the dancer spinning clockwise, from left to right?”

Mr. Hau nodded, Rascal, how come you know!?”

Mr. Ong gave him a mysterious smile. Mr. Ong guessed that Mr. Hau must have been letting his imagination run wild staring at the dancer so his right brain must be working more actively..


Mr. Ong then led them to the next step, “Ok, you can actually make the dancer spin in the direction you want. Just close your eyes softly and imagine the girl spinning in the direction you want. Slowly open your eyes and look. You will be surprised that she really follows your wish. You may not succeed during the first few trials. But you will definitely succeed eventually. The important thing is that you must be calm in order to achieve it. In fact, after some times, you can even do it without closing your eyes.”

The couple immediately tried it and was amazed that they did it.

They raised their question concurrently, “Real? How come we can control the movement of a virtual dancer with our mind?”

Mr. Ong enlightened them, “Don’t be tricked. You did not change her movement. In fact she was programmed to spin in one direction all the time. You change your perception or the side of your active brain. No way can you change a computer program with your mind. To be philosophical, when you can’t change others, change your own perception and you will be a happier person. Haven’t you heard that famous saying, ‘It’s all in the mind’!”



MrHau then commented, “You seem never to run out of delightful surprises for us. But what is the practical use of this program!?”

Mrs, Hau intruded candidly, “For amusement and a new cause for stirring up discord among men and women!”

Mr. Ong defended, “Well, when Nobel invented explosives, he did not intend it for exterminating human beings. So how can you blame me for sowing discord. It’s unfair. Coming back to Mr. Ong’s question, well, the potential use of this program is immense. I can say it. If physical exercises can improve physical health and development of our muscles, so this program can help us to develop mentally our whole brain and to balance the growth of our left and right brains so that we do not become extreme in our characters. Our personality will be more balanced. Our EQ must be developed side by side with our IQ. We don’t want our children to grow up to be Hitlers. Hey! Observe your kids. See which category they belong to. Use the program to correct the imbalanced development of their left and right brain when they are still young. A genius with high IQ and often lacking EQ will be in the making! All you need is about 5 to 10 minutes a day, but must be persistent. I am sure you will see amazing result in your kids’ development in their intelligence and characters. But maybe we should not play with the program too long in a stretch as it may tax the brain too much. If you find your kid too imaginative always, ask them to switch to the right brain more. And if they are too materialistic or tend to be introverts, encourage them to switch to the right brain more. Finally, you can also help your kids to choose their future professions basing on which side of their brain is more developed or more active usually.”


Mr. Hau asked, “Are you sure your method works and it is safe?”

Mr. Ong replied, “Well, no harm giving it a try lah! But I disclaim all liabilities! Ha! Ha! Do consider it seriously. Hope lies in our children. We are too senior to effect any change! If someone had told me about the program forty fifty years ago, I would have been a much better person now. Of course, that was not possible as there were no internet at that time! Well, just have to accept fate.”



Mr. Ong then seized the opportunity to promote the current project carried out by his qigong group. He asked, “Have you ever heard of Blindfold Reading method?”

Mr. Hau replied, “No. What is it?”

Mr. Ong told him,“Log on to this website , “” and you can read all about it:




Courses are held from time to time. I can inform you when there are courses to be held. The skill can help your kids to master concentration and to gain self confidence. The course helps to develop your kid’s middle brain, the part that connects the right and the left brain. They say that your left brain is like a microcomputer and the right brain, the internet. The middle brain is like the computer server or the link in a computer system. An efficient bridge between the two brains will increase the speed and volume of data flow between the two brains. The brain power generated will be enormous.”


Mr. Ong then took leave, “I must go now. Thanks for your dumplings and your kind thought for inviting me over!”

Mr. and Mrs. Hau said, “The pleasure is ours. In fact. we have got back more than our bowl of dumplings. You are great! Our respect to you.”

Mr. Ong jokingly asked, “Great enough to be the next Education Minister eh!?”

Mr. Hau replied, “Well, if you decide to stand in the next general election, you can count on our two votes. Ha, Ha! Oh, I can’t wait to go back to the computer to build up my right brain so that I can ‘Learn to love woman, of course I mean my wife, more‘“.

Mrs Hau responded, “I am also going back to develop my left brain more so that I can “understand man better.’”

Well, people say “If only women can try to understand instead of love men more, and men can love instead of trying to understand women more, then  there certainly will have more happy couples around.”

Mr. Ong felt very happy as though he had done a very meritorious deed that day by introducing the program to Mr. Hau’s family.

“Bye and once more, thank you for your dumplings.” Mr. Ong said.

“Bye! Come again. You are always welcome here.” Responded Mr. and Mrs Hau.



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