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Jan 24, 2009 at 07:02 PM

Elly Chaw: A Warm Glow In Their Hearts


             The setting sun cast a rosy hue across the morning sky. Sam, and his sister, Diana, were jogging in the park one evening to prepare for the next day’s sports day event. “Brother, can we sit down on the bench there and rest for a while? My leg is in pain after jogging for such a long distance,” Diana pointed at a nearby bench and said with a tired tone. Sam agreed. Sam offered to go to a nearby provision shop to buy drinks for Diana and himself to quench their thirst. 

             On the way to the provision shop, Sam heard a loud bang. Sam stopped and wondered what had happened. As curiousity got the better of him, he ran towards the direction of the sound. The sound came from a nearby road and he saw a cyclist lying on the road and a car dashing towards the end of the road. The cyclist was injured seriously and his head was bleeding profusely. It was a hit-and-run accident! Sam quickly memorised the car’s features and plate number. As no one was around at that time, he shouted his sister’s name continuously, hoping that Diana would hear his shouts and also come to save the injured cyclist.

           Diana was humming her favourite song when she heard shouts of her name. “The voice shouting for my name seems familiar,” she thought. Then she realised that it was her brother calling for her. Diana quickly ran towards the direction of the sound and soon she was standing on the road. Diana saw her brother trying to wake an injured and half-dead cyclist up. Sam saw his sister and asked her to call the police immediately as Sam did not bring his handphone but his sister had brought. Sam told the police calmly,” A hit-and-run accident has just happened at Sun Yu Park, Woodlands. The injured man was bleeding profusely and had lost a lot of blood. Please come here quickly or else the victim will lose his life.” Diana tried to use her handkerchief to cover the wound on the injured man’s head to prevent from severe bleeding.

          A few minutes later, the police arrived together with the ambulance to the scene. The paramedics put the victim on the stretcher and was sent to the hospital while the policemen took down Sam’s and Diana’s statements’ regarding the accident. Sam told the police the car’s features and plate number as he had memorised it very clearly.

         The very next day, Sam and Diana’s parents read the morning paper and saw pictures of their own children on the headline news. It says, ”Brother and sister saved dying man. A BIG HERO.” Their parents could not believe their eyes. They called for Sam and Diana and asked them what exactly had happened. Sam explained the whole matter to his parents. After hearing what Sam has explained, their parents said that they were proud of their children. After Sam and Diana heard their parents pleasant comments, both of them felt a warm glow in their hearts. 

Written by Elly Chaw,

Singapore Marsiling Primary School