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Jan 29, 2009 at 01:12 PM

Jasmine Tee Jia Min: My Best Friend

I have friends of different characters and personalities.  Out of my many friends, my best friend is Ong Shi Xin. She is my classmates too.


        She has a pair of big and beautiful eyes. She keeps short hair. She is hardworking and intelligent. During class, she will pay her full attention and always hand in her homework punctually. Therefore, she is always the top scholar of our school. Shi Xin also equipped with leadership quality. She was nominated as the head prefect of our school. She is also an active girl. She actively participates in many different types of activities and always did our school proud. She is also good at sports. She always wins medal for our school.


        In the afternoon, we often revise our homework together. Although Shi Xin is more brilliant than me, she is humble. She never laughs at me whenever I tell her I do not understand the lesson. Instead, she always helps me to solve the problem that I encountered in my homework. She is also very patient when explaining things to me. With her help, I have big improvement in my homework.           


        She is also a good-hearted girl. One morning, when we walk to school as usual, an old woman wanted us to help her to return home. However, Shi Xin worried that I might be late to school, therefore, she wanted me to school by myself first. In the end, she was reprimanded by the discipline teacher, Mrs. Chow. However, she never blamed the old woman for that.


We also have the same hobby- collecting stamps. We love to collect stamps from different countries. We often exchange our stamps and always share our album with each other. Now, Shi Xin has had three albums. We enjoy talking and laughing together. We share our secret with each other. We will always share our joy and sorrow together.


        I am glad I met such a best friend. I hope that our friendship will last forever and I will treasure her as my best friend.




Age: 11 years old