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Mar 03, 2009 at 07:24 AM

A Hundred Time Push-Up

          One morning, I woke up very early because it was the first day to school. After I washed my face, brushed my teeth and packed my bag, my mum drove me to school.

        It was about time when I reached my school. I ran to my classroom and saw few of my ‘old friends’. I found a seat nearby the door and sat down, waiting for our teacher.

        Suddenly, our teacher, Miss Lim appeared in front of the classroom, everyone shut their mouth immediately. Miss Lim helped us to exchange our seats and gave us our new timetable. After that, Miss Lim started to teach us English. Some of us didn’t bring our textbook so we shared with each other.

        It’s almost recess and the bell had just ringed. We quickly ran out from the classroom and went to the canteen. I couldn’t wait to meet my friends at the canteen so I ran very fast. Suddenly, I accidentally knocked a little girl who was holding a bowl of hot curry noodles. Her noodles dropped on the floor and her uniforms were wet. My uniforms were spilled by those curries too. The little girl looked very anxious and she cried loudly. I apologized to her immediately.

        Miss Tan, our discipline teacher heard the crying of that little girl and came. Miss Tan asked me what happened and I told her everything. Miss Tan was shocked and asked a prefect to bring me and the little girl to change our dirty uniforms.

        After I had finished changing my uniform, Miss Tan asked me to do push-up a hundred times as a punishment, she even asked me to do in front of everyone. Oh my! In front of everyone?! A hundred time? ! I was shocked by what Miss Tan had said.

        I do as Miss Tan had said. When I begin doing the push-ups, everyone at the canteen pointed their fingers at me and laughed at me. I felt so embarrassing. The bell rang again when I finished doing my push-ups. Everyone went back to their class and suddenly Miss Tan came. She told me not to run so fast because it would cause an accident. I nodded my head and thanked Miss Tan for punishing and teaching me.

        After this punishment, I had learnt about the lesson. I promised Miss Tan not to make the same mistake again. I will always remember this lesson I had learnt.

Sarah Chua Ching En

18-02-2009 12 years old, Malaysia