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Mar 14, 2009 at 11:55 PM

Super Relaxation Method

(2009 Student Edition)

1. Practice for 5 minutes. You can master the art in one day.

2. Put on a smile.

3. Posture: Standing or sitting.

4. Force: Tense up and then relax. Do it twice for each part of the body mentioned below. Extend and then relax.

       1. Raise your eyebrows.

       2.  Close the eyes tightly and then relax.

       3. Crunch the nose forcibly and then relax.

       4. Close the mouth and bite the teeth and then relax.

       5. Neck: Forcefully tense the neck muscle and then relax.

       6. Shoulder: Forcefully raise the shoulders and then relax.

       7. Hands: Raise both hands, clench each fist and then release.

       8. Abdomen: Forcefully expand the abdomen and then relax.

       9. Thighs: Forcefully contract the thigh muscles then relax.

       10.  Toes: Lift the left foot with the heel touching the ground andthen forcefully raise all the toes up, release and put down the left foot and then relax. Repeat with the right foot and then relax.

5. Repeat the whole exercise.