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Oct 22, 2009 at 02:34 AM

A Meaningful Day


Last Sunday, I went to the old folks’ home which is located at Kampong Pandan. We bought some fruits and pack some red packets for them.

            When we reached our destination, we handed the fruits and red packets for them. They were very delighted to receive those fruits and red packets. There are 14 old folks’ together. I even took photo with them.

            I saw some of them were still as strong as a bull. They even washed the dishes or mopped the floor. Some of the old folks’ were watching television programme in the living room.

After that, we headed to the home for the handicapped children. Before that, we went to purchase some milks, titbits and adult diapers.

When we reached there, we were sad to see some of them were blind or unable to move or walk like a normal people. Some of them were abandoned by their parents while some of their parents were too busy to take care of them.

Before we went home, we donated a sum of RM300 for them. We hope we can help more people.

I wish I can come to visit them in future.

August 2009