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Oct 29, 2009 at 10:07 AM



My Birthday

The fourteenth of September is my last year was a memorable day for me. It was my birthday. My parents decided to throw a birthday party for me. When I heard the good news, I beamed with joy.

In the early morning, we went to the shopping centre to purchase some ribbons, balloons and party hats. My mother decided to cook herself so we accompany her to buy meats, vegetables and fruits. My mother chooses to buy some pork to cook my favourite dish, that’s pork chop. When we were choosing some fish, my younger sister covered her nose because it is too smelly.

Then, we went to buy some vegetables. We bought some broccoli and mushroom. We also purchased some fruits such as cherry, mangosteen and apple. After that, we made our payment at the counter. Then, we went to buy cake. I picked a big chocolate cake.

When we went back home, me and my adorable sister couldn’t wait to decorate our house with colourful ribbons and balloons. When we were decorating, my mother keeps the cake refrigerated. While my brother and father helped me with decorating our house.

After that, my mother asks me to change off my clothes. My mother went upstairs and gave me a pink coloured gown. The gown was so beautiful and there was still some white pearls on it. I hugged my mother tightly and thanked her for the gown.

My mother also cooked delicious food such as ‘steamed fish mushroom’, ‘broccoli abalone’, ‘black pepper pork chop’ and others. Those foods look so delicious! My mother also didn’t forget to prepare desserts. My mother prepared ‘cherry pudding’ and ‘mango ice-cream’. As for the fruits the mangosteens, my mother uses it to do the ‘mangosteen pie’. I had tried before the ‘mangosteen pie’ and it indeed was yummy!

At about 7 pm, all my relatives and friends arrived punctually, They all were dressed beautifully. They also gave me lovely presents. Those presents were wrapped with colour papers. When everyone arrived, we sang the birthday song together. There was 12 candles on my birthday cake. I was as happy as a lark.

After blowing out the candles, we ate greedily. We all were famished. My friends keep praising the dishes who cooked by my mother was super delicious. One of my friends even ate 5 chicken wings! We all chatted and cracked some jokes.

Suddenly, a big bicycle appeared in front of me. It was a birthday gift from my father! The bicycle was so beautiful that I can’t wait to ride it! Then, my brother gave me a Schnauzer dog as my birthday present. Oh my god! I can’t believe my eyes! I always wanted a Schnauzer dog! I hugged my brother and thanked him.

Then, I opened the presents that my friends gave me. I received many presents from them such as musical box, crayon, teddy bear and others. The present I love the most is the big teddy bear. The teddy bear was covered with white fur. It was so adorable.

After that, we played games such as ‘musical chairs’ and ‘police catches thief’. My father gave little presents to those who won the game. Then, I played piano for my friends. That night, we even sang ‘karaoke’. We sang as loud as we could and we were very happy.

I had an enjoyable day with my friends last year and I hope I could throw a birthday party next year.

Sarah Chua Ching En

September 2009