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Oct 29, 2009 at 06:35 PM

What A Different Holiday

27 Jalan Rumbia,

74 Taman Daya,

81100 Johor Bahru, Johor

20th June 2009

Dear Felicia,

            Hi. I have not heard from you for a long time. How have you been? Is everything alright down there? I’m fine here. I hope you are fine too.

            Last school holiday, my family and I decided to go for a trip to London. But my grandfather suddenly fainted so we cancelled our trip.

            That day, when we were on the way to the airport, someone called my father. It was my fourth uncle. He told us a bad news that grandfather was fainted when he was drinking a cup of water. When we heard the news, we cancelled our trip and immediately went to the hospital.

            When we reached the hospital, we asked the nurse some information about my grandfather. The nurse told us that my grandfather was in ward 5A, bed number 10. We dashed to the fifth floor as fast as we could. We saw fourth uncle walking up and down. We asked fourth uncle about grandfather and he replied that the doctor was doing some checkup for grandfather.

            After that, the doctor told us grandfather’s condition. After knowing his condition, we were all relieved. His condition wasn’t too bad. The doctor said that grandfather could be discharge the next day. Luckily there wasn’t any big problem happened.

            The next morning, I woke up very early. I rubbed my eyes and woke my parents up to fetch my grandfather. After that, we headed to the hospital. We saw grandfather was doing exercise in the garden. Grandmother was there too.

            We went upstairs to help my grandfather to pack his things. After we registrated at the counter, we fetch grandfather and my grandmother home.

            At home, I decided to bake some cookies for them. I put on the apron and prepared the ingredients. I looked like a chef. After baking those cookies, I put it on the plate and served to all my family members. They ate my cookies and praised me because my cookie was delicious.

            Then, we went to the paddy field who owned by my grandfather. My grandfather taught me the way to plant paddy and vegetable. I saw a scarecrow with an ugly face. But it seemed to be friendly.

            Later, I saw some adorable kittens on the nearby field. I ran towards and carried them up. They were just borned and tiny. I played with them and their mother whom I named it “Mummy Cat”.

            After that, my grandfather brought me to the pond. Grandfather said that he was going to teach me some teqniques of fishing. He said that if we wait patiently, we could definitely get a lot of fish. So I waited patiently and suddenly I caught a big fish. The size of the fish was so gigantic. I was overjoyed that I almost fell into the pond. Luckily my grandfather held my hands.

            We brought the fish that we caught back home. My mother was shocked when she saw the big fish that I had caught. When the dinner was ready, we had a good meal. I ate as hungry as a wolf because I was so famished.

            Well, I can’t go to London but I still had a happy holiday. I hope you can write to me soon.


Yours sincerely,

Sarah Chua Ching En