Nov 27, 2009 at 12:40 PM

On 22 Nov 2009, we (Ms Yen, Tin Tin and I) attended the 10Diamond Nusa Jaya Branch Opening Ceremony in Johore. After Master Lim and Sifu had delivered their speeches, the day programme started with “Talent Discovery”.

One of the activities in this Talent Discovery was to blindfold some of the young children (as young as 6? years old) and ask them to read or guess the shapes, numbers and words that was printed on laminated cards. Whilst other Shixiongs and Shijies are conducting that activity, I was busy helping out David to scan others people’s hands/palms for Sifu. Once we have finished with the scanning, I went straight to see what was going on over the other side. I saw a little girl sitting on a chair, blindfolded with a piece of cloth and ready for a test on her mental abilities and capabilities.

A lady (Mrs???) was holding 4 playing cards - ‘diamond’ of A, 2, 3 and 4. Then, this lady gave one of the cards to the little girl. She took the card and started to touch it with her little fingers. Occasionally, she smelled the card. She repeated these acts a few times and guesses what? After touching, smelling and sensing the card, she managed to read all the 4 cards (one by one) correctly with both her eyes covered/blindfolded. Unbelievable!

I am a person who is typically curious about all these “Ripley, Believe It or Not” stuffs was totally amazed and speechless.  

After that, Mr. Yeng took out a $5 note to test this little girl but later changed his mind (after some shixiongs teased him to give more) and he took out a $10 note instead and the challenge begins….. If the girl managed to read the Serial Number, the money will be hers.

The $10 note was given to the girl. This little girl started to touch, sense and also put the $10 note near her nose (to smell, I guess). She moved her little fingers on and across the serial number couple of times. I was stunt when she read out slowly and softly the first 2 characters then followed by the next 7-digit numbers in sequence (one number at a time). The number matched exactly with what is printed on the note. Amazingly, she got the serial number correct. The only word that I uttered in my heart was…. WOW!!

Later, Mr. San came out with another $10 note. We wrote down the serial number on a piece of paper before giving this $10 note to that little girl again. One more time, with her soft little voice, she read out the number that perfectly matched the serial number. Another “WOW” from me…. 100% correct! Then I unfold her eyes and praised her. I passed her the 2 pieces of $10 note to her - tokens/rewards contributed by Mr. Yeng and Mr. San.

It did not end there. The challenges moved on…. with another 2 teenage girls being called to show their super natural mental power too. First, the elder sister took up the challenge and then followed by a younger one. I was so amazed to see how fast the elder sister could ‘read’ the serial number out with just a few touches and by ‘staring’ at the note as if she could see the number and was not blindfolded. She read out the serial number so smooth, fast and with full of confidence. In the end, these two sisters were also $10 richer. Can you believe it? Anyone would like to challenge these girls with your $50 or $100 note(s)?

As usual, I am curious to find out more especially on this kind of unbelievable phenomenon power. So, I went straight to the elder sister and asked her a few questions like how she managed to “see” or know the serial number; did she see it in her eyes, mind or what; can she see the colour of the note too, and many more.

After hearing all her answers, I am very excited and anxious too.  My curiousity and my very own philosophies of “Seeing is Believing” and “Believing in Seeing” will definitely drive me even further to hunt for more answers and proofs that this miracle power did exist and it is for us to discover and cultivate esp. those young ones.

I am almost 42 now. Am I too late to gain this super natural power? May be. But my wife and I think that we can help a lot of young children out there to acquire this unexplained and unbelievable skill once we had learned the techniques and methods from Sifu and other Shixiongs/Shijies.

Ee Kean Seong